Welcome to Sun Phocus Technologies
Sun Phocus Technologies dramatically improves the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and aesthetics of building-integrated solar power. Our transparent HoloSun™ solar concentrator allows windows, skylights, and glass curtain walls to collect solar radiation and generate electricity.

  • Enough solar energy strikes the earth's surface every minute to provide a full year's supply of electricity for the entire world.

  • Rooftops aren't the only location for urban solar energy production. Tall buildings have at least ten times more vertical surface area than roof area. The potential for a transparent solar collector is huge.

  • Sun Phocus' transparent HoloSun technology has the potential to transform the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) industry by providing the most cost competitive and aesthetically pleasing solution available

  • The sustainable buildings of the future will operate as truly interactive parts of an ecosystem that is simultaneously urban and natural, using resources one moment and supplying resources the next in an interactive and adaptive process.